Nucleus is clinical development, simplified seamless communication streamlined workflows a unified project platform secure and compliant effortless document management

What is Nucleus?

Nucleus provides a cost effective platform for clinical information (documents, communication, and technologies) to enhance collaboration and decision making.

Clinical development, simplified

Information is the key part of clinical development, and information gathered throughout this process can come from various sources and needs to be accessed at different times by many individuals.

Finding your critical data and documents and securely passing it between groups of people both within and external to your organisation can quickly become a challenge. You need a way of easily finding, collating and sharing data directly - and being able to access this data anywhere at any time, however you want.

Nucleus is a platform that combines all aspects of clinical development into one convenient location, allowing you and your team to manage documents, communicate with one another and access your clinical information from the same application.

We focus on providing the most efficient methods of categorising and accessing your data to make sure you always have the information you need.

Single sign on

Single sign on and application management

Users have a single Nucleus account linked to their email address. For many companies running clinical development programs, multiple technologies are in play in order to deliver the outcomes. Often users have to access multiple URL’s and logins so the single sign on functionality removes this burden from all users.

Where users traditionally needed to remember many URLs, user names and passwords for the solutions used, Nucleus offers the ability to sign on just once and gain access to multiple Datatrial systems and potentially third party software all aspects of the trial or program are in one place.

Two factor authentication

Both users and organisations may choose to enable extra security using two-factor authentication. As we become more and more concerned about cyber security, the ability to further enhance the log on procedure using two factor authentication offers an additional layer of security currently unavailable within the industry.

Two factor authentication
Multi-organisation support

Multi-organisation support

Contractors or users working with multiple companies can be part of more than one organisation (CRO, Biotech) within Nucleus. This allows people to communicate quickly and easily between companies and pass data securely via a single system. Resourcing models for clinical development are flexible and often, key team members may be consultants or free lancers. Nucleus manages everything via users and their association with organisations.

Multi program management

Every organisation can create one or more drug programs that they wish to control via Nucleus. For anyone running more than one trial, the co-ordination of the unique requirements of those trials can be time consuming. Nucleus can provide one single access point for all. With the added benefit of single sign on and/or inclusion of third party software, all users can access the right information from one central place.

Multiple projects

Global level vs trial level applications

Applications accessed through Nucleus can be defined at an organisation level or at a trial level, allowing for more granular control over both how an application is accessed and the ability to restrict access to trial users where required. For example, inclusion of a timesheet system will be an organisation level application but an EDC system will be a trial level application.

Fully responsive design

Nucleus has been designed to be fully responsive and accessible across a wide range of devices. This is an essential requirement now for any system. Nucleus offers access to everything via mobile or tablet offering flexibility to remote or field based staff.

Fully responsive design


Instant browser based messaging allows for faster communication between clinical teams. Messaging between users and groups of users allows documents and information to be shared in real time. We are heavily reliant on email which sits away from the compliant ecosystem. With messaging users can respond quickly and easily to questions within the platform. All communication is retained and can be saved to the study TMF area within Nucleus.

Document management

Secure file sharing and storage can be performed for all of an organisation and users files. Document sharing and review can be cumbersome when either via email or using another route (secure FTP). Nucleus provides the ability to share and collaborate on documents (including version control) without the need to attach files to emails. Notification and messaging within Nucleus notifies the user of the document sharing.

Document management


Users can create multi-stage collaborations for document review and approval. Nucleus provides a simple interface to configure your own collaborations for document review and approval. Keeping documents, messaging and applications in one place means all stakeholders can access relevant information at the right time.

Created by industry experts

Datatrial was founded as a technology company in 1999 with a focus on developing software that would improve the clinical research process. Soon after, the company expanded their offering with services geared toward helping customers run their trials more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Our goal today is to allow you to realise the benefits of real-time access to study data helping you to identify, gather and respond to any actions and issues as quickly as possible.